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Community Services

  1. The JSSSM kitchen makes use of the services of volunteers in the preparation of food/Prasada for guests. You can participate in this activity at your convenience.
  2. During major festivals and celebrations, volunteering services are needed to decorate/clean the temple as well as receive guests. You are welcome to offer your services for this divine work.
  3. The JSSSM has adopted a stretch of Hawkins Creamery Road. We keep this stretch clean by removing trash twice a year. You can participate in this work either individually or in a team.
  4. Volunteers maintain the grounds and yard at the JSSSM by carrying out spring and fall mulching, hedging and planting. Here’s an opportunity for you to put your gardening skills to good use.
  5. The JSSSM has a vegetable garden project. You are welcome to join our gardening team and make use of your skills to grow organic vegetables. The vegetables are used in the kitchen as well as a significant portion of it is distributed to the visitors. You will love the sight and taste of our home-grown veggies.
  6. If you have any art, language or special skills, let us know how you can help others to learn new skills.