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JSS Spiritual Mission - Summer Camp Registration Form

General Information
Contact Information
Emergency contact info
Health information
Parent agreement;

Under ordinary circumstances every effort will be made to contact the parents in case of illness or emergency. However, JSS Spiritual Mission should turn the care of my child over to the medical personal listed above. In the absence of any specific directions, authorities at JSS Spiritual Mission are empowered to use their best judgement in the interest of the health and safety of my child.

I/We also give permission of child/children to participate in all camp activities;

Participants and their parents agree to indemnify and hold harmless JSS Spiritual Mission from all claims, damages, liabilities, losses and expenses, including attorney fees arising out of or in any way resulting from acts of omissions of volunteers and members of JSS Spiritual Mission, its agents, employees or invitees for the duration of the camp, in the premises, that the participant may sustain because of bodily injury, or death, sustained by any person or persons, including loss of use thereof, whether such injuries to persons or damage to property are due, or claimed to be due to any negligence of host, whether active or passive, it's or their agents, employees, or other persons. This paragraph includes, but not limited to defense and indemnity for any claim, suit, complaint or cross-complaint which may be brought against JSS Spiritual Mission by any person or oganization in conjunction with the agreement, regardless or whether the JSS Spiritual Mission is negligent actively, passively, or at all.