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There are various handmade items of rosewood, sandalwood available for purchase. Please contact the Mission for more details.


Prasadakaraka at the missison shall prepare the prasadam. Please contact the mission for additional information.


Sri Chamundeshwari Devi Prasadam Sarees:
We are very blessed by Sri. Chamundeshwari Devi’s abode at the temple in Maryland. Numerous devotees visit the temple and offer Vastras/Sarees to the goddess. After adorning these Vastras/Sarees to the Devi, they are made available for purchase to the devotees as a fund raising effort.

  • Simple Silk Saree: $75
  • Medium woven silk saree: $100
  • Heavy silk saree: $150

Devotees are also allowed to offer sarees to be adorned to the goddess either by bringing it personally or ship it to the temple and request the date on which it should be offered to the goddess.  It will be offered to the goddess on the specific date and once it is offered it will be made available for purchase.


A huge selection of books on spirituality, history, and Hinduism is available for purchase.  Please contact the mission for additional details.

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